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      Greetings. My name is Thomas, and i am currently about 1/6th of the way through my game design diploma, which is an industry specific qualification intended to give me a head start over university graduates in that part of my course requires me to design a full game from beginning to start, in effect giving me work experience before i’ve even got a job. However, i would like to plan for the future hence my joining the forum.

      Problem is, beyond that point i’m a little confused where to go. Living in Northern Ireland, I do not believe there are many local potential employers and if possible i would like to stay on the island. My certificate will be TIGA recognised (which is a UK body) but would this be recognised in the Republic of Ireland? Who should i approach initially for work, and how should i sell myself to give me the best chance of being shortlisted?

      I am investing a large amount of money in my course, so much is at stake.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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