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      This is my first time posting here so I`ll tell you a little about our project (except the stuff thats under NDA). The game will look very like the GTA line of games – so you`ll have a pretty much running city. The game play will be far removed from that of GTA and currently its a very unique idea.

      I`m looking for some 3D modellers who are good at :

      * Generating low polygon city models (buildings, bins, bus stops, etc.)
      * Creating their own textures for those
      * Low polygon human models (with various animation)

      I`m also interested in programmers but the game is written in Borland Delphi so I don`t expect to many people will be able to help with that.

      Some engine facts:

      * DX8.1 rendering engine
      * Full LOD based rendering
      * Console (quake style)
      * Complete level editor
      * Dynamic (stencil) shadows
      * Supports complex road junctions (traffic lights, etc.)
      * Day / Night cycle
      * Weather system (cloud, storm, rain, fog, sun, etc.)
      * AI systems
      * Full physics (ODE based) with rag doll
      * 3D Sound engine

      Just so u can see the game is in actual development I`ve included some screen shots (its actually 60k lines of code).

      and *PLEASE* no wannabe programmers, modellers, etc..

      Shows how traffic lights are modified

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      Looks impressive. As a matter of interest, why Delphi? Are you just using it for tools, or the entire game?


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      I`m using Delphi for the following reasons :

      1) It generates code that executes as fast a C++
      2) It supports all language features C++ does
      3) Its a fully RAD development language
      4) Coding it in C++ would be 3x slower, 5x the codebase and more complex to manage / handle.
      5) Its portable to Linux as well (using Kylix)
      6) Delphi supports some pretty cool debugging features
      7) Plus I just like Delphi and its IDE

      I used Delphi, C/C++ and VB extensively in jobs and various projects (and this includes device drivers, graphics engines, streaming stuff, etc..) so I know what each language is capable off.

      The only other choice I considered was C++, but I know how much longer (compared to Delphi) it takes to code stuff and its sometimes a nightmare to maintain / debug.

      But at the end of the day its personal choice ;)

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      Hey, another northie game developer!

      Hiya James, the screenshots for your editor look very cool, keep up the good work.

      I’m looking forward to seeing some levels from the game you are working on in the near future!


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      Ah Mal, u probably don`t remember me :)

      I met you whilst I worked in 3dfx in Weavers court, this project has been kept quiet from most of that crowd (as a surprise more than anything).

      So what have you been up to yourself?

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      Btw, if anyone uses IRC I`m usually on

      #TVIUG on irc.desolation.org (port 6667)

      9am->6pm GMT

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      Hey James,

      The screenshots look pretty good! Im an experienced 3D modeller of nearly 3 years. I believe that i would be of great use for your requirement of a 3D modeller. If you want some screenshots of my work etc, id be more than happy to send them onto you.

      My email address is paui@hotmail.com

      Look forward to your reply,



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