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    Next weekend, the game convention is being held in Dublin, I was planning to go but I was put on call for work. If anyone wants to take my place (Its paid for) please feel free to post or pm me.

    I emailed Jazz about it and since I got no reply I said what the heck. I would make the offer, well its better someone uses it than it go to waste.


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    Anyone at all want to go?

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    where and when is it, and whats going to be going on at it?

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    Its on this weekend, starts at saturday 9am, and ends 24 hours later. There will be 300 players. PC and Console players, you need to bring your own PC to be able to play PC games. I paid for both PC and console, (Cost me 40 euro).

    Prizes, people, games, death destruction. Thats pretty much the order of the day. Im on call here at work, so i cant go.

    Any takers really?

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    I’ll be in london this weekend myself so I can’t take you up on the offer. It sounds pretty cool and it would be a waste to not use ithe ticket.

    I’ll ask one of my mates if you don’t mind, and see if he would be interested. That is if nobody else off the forum wants to take it.

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