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      anyone see this yet? dont have much info on it, its in the city west convention centre in october. could be great for the irish games industry.

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      You mean gamesexpo.net? gamersexpo.net doesn’t exist. How is it good for the industry? Its just a gamer get together so far as I can see. Could be fun though.

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      Hey, i did actually make a mistake in the name its gamerexpo.net its a convention as far as i can see. its a 3day event. so its more than just a lan event, im guessing there will be developers there but i dont see any info on it yet. here is their description off the facebook page

      LAN War I
      GAMER Lounge
      3D Gaming
      New Release Demo Areas
      Cosplay Competition
      LIVE Music
      GAMER TV

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      Jamie Mc

      Hi guys,

      The correct url is http://www.gamerexpo.net/ and there’s an article about it at http://www.gamersireland.ie/?p=6192

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      Looks like its going to be a great way to select what will appear in your stocking on a certain date in December (don’t want to say the C…… word just yet …. its too early. The Red Cow are already advertising C…… parties)

      Anyway, best wishes to Frank and crew @ Click Magazine. Its great that someone has decided to put a gaming consumer show on our events calendar. Looking foward to it.

      For the latest tweets checkout http://twitter.com/gamerexpo

Viewing 4 reply threads
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