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    a site which showcases games based on real-world events…

    – from the site:

    “Simulation meets political cartoons.

    We are a team of independent game developers who believe video games are not simply an amusement.

    Games and simulations can also make us think about what is going on in this world.

    Periodically, we will use games and simulations to analyze, debate, comment and editorialize major international news.”


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    Marc Prensky’s site dedicated to cataloguing games which have been designed with non-entertainment purposes in mind – whether that purpose be social commentary, education, health, etc.


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    Definitly makes sense. Games have the ability to communicate on a deeper level, one based on the consequenses on your actions and the sort of people you are.
    To be honest, I always though the “bond” or “loan” system in place in Sim City 2000 was unintentionally a great expression of the state of 3rd world countries. For whatever reason you are in debt, you take out a loan to improve your city and improve income but the amount of extra revenue generated does not come close to the amount of interest you have to pay for the loan. Soon your money runs out, you can’t make anymore improvements so you take out another loan. The cycle continues.

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