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      I presented my A.I. msc thesis to my research group yesterday. About 40 student\prof\lecturers etc attended.

      First off I must say alot were skeptical when they heard games A.I. etc.

      Alot of them are very traditional A.I. ppl, solve problems which are “real world” (supply chain etc) or viewed as more serious matters, than games in some circles.

      Some would be of the opinion that games are for kiddies and no a.i. challenges exist within them. I met with this resistance before in a previous talk, but some people are hard to convince and are too old skool academic for their own good. Even though it doesnt take a genius to realise that a.i. is required for any game, and the more cutting-edge you get the better your product will be.

      But at the end of the talk it was a different story, the amount of questions about how it provides a good platform for a.i. research, (uncertainty about ppl and things, incomplete data, time constraints for decision making etc) and how work they were doing might be adapted to games etc.

      I suspect maybe in the future they might start using open sources interface to games to investigate their ideas, instead of testing them on classical problem like n-queens etc.

      In fact by the end everyone was throwing around the NPC buzzword as if they had been using it for years :) Also they were throwing out ideas of their own of how agents should behave, actions which they should take, how you could make games more fun\character profiles etc. It was great to see.

      So I hope after I leave 4C in May\June that more people will start to focus on games related A.I. I know of 2 ppl at the moment which are moving in this direction.Hopefully to great success.

      But good to see that games community and research community are finally starting to mingle.

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      Good to hear!
      Any chance we get a view of your work to see what got them so excited ??

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      Excellent stuff!
      Seems like you have really got them thinking, well done! :D

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      Not at all. its top secret. :)

      yeah sure im currently running the last of the experiments (destroying my machine at the moment).

      But as soon as there done i want to collate them and plot etc. Then add to the final section of the thesis.

      When thats done ill post up on my website as pdf and ye can comment away.

      If you want to read a paper summarising the 1st part of the thesis its under publications on my site.


      The final section isnt published yet as a paper.

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