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      Aphra K

      Came across this and it might be of interest to companies. Below are the skills the project seeks.


      Required skills and Expertise:
      Experts in game publishing.
      Expertise in the field of web-design and development.
      Professional background in gaming and or mobile gaming.
      Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought:
      Game Design
      Preparation and implementation of game events
      Design and Implementation of web applications
      Dissemination and exploitation of project results

      Type of partner(s) sought:
      Developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products/3D games

      Partner Search ID: PS-DE-3019
      Date of Publication: 2009-02-18 06:09
      Call Identifier: ICT Call 4 (FP7-ICT-2009-4)
      Proposal Name: Player-generated Collaborative 3D Games
      Challenge: Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures
      Objective: 1.5 Networked Media & 3D Internet
      Funding Scheme: STREP
      Evaluation Scheme: One Step
      Closure Date: 01/04/2009

      Retrieve the Partner Search at: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/DE/PS-DE-3019

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      Just reading through the spec, purely out of interest, it’s an awfully big project they are talking about. Unless they are aiming for a bare bones, extremely templatized version of what they ask, it’s gargantuan. Maybe they only want a fairly simple setup that ticks each of the boxes mentioned, in which case it’s not quite so big – it’s hard to know from reading that how generally they want each of the features implemented.

      Is it definitely serious? Why is the closing date 01/04/2009 and not 31/03/2009?

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      feral: Financial year end / start, though they really should change it or april fools about. Spending EU money is always serious, seriously easy, as you said monster project.

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      feral: Financial year end / start, [/quote:23a77d6559]
      Ah right – presume the German fiscal year ends on 31st March then – didn’t think of yearly budgetry reasons affecting the closing date.

      though they really should change it or april fools about.[/quote:23a77d6559]
      At the moment, having the end of the financial year and april fools on the same date makes a certain amount of sense!

      Spending EU money is always serious, seriously easy, as you said monster project.[/quote:23a77d6559]

      Yeah, re-reading it, it still sounds huge – a player built MMPROG is big in and of itself; and they also want it to support location based gameplay, mobile devices, and augmented reality, and have an easy to use set of web based tools.

      What’s scary is the sophistication of the example game they talk about, where the user "decides that the player has to move a ball from the start point to the end point in the labyrinth via the accelerator sensor in a mobile phone"
      Scary because it shows they want the game creator to have the ability to do a lot of behavioural customisation on the game templates provided – as they say, it’s not built into the labyrinth template that the player has to move the ball from the start to the end – it’s something the creator decides – a huge amount of behavioural flexibility to allow a non technical user to manage easily, across a set of game templates.

      It’d be very interesting to see where this goes, and if it succeeds at these objectives.

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