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      Hello All,

      Can anyone suggest a resource where I can find recent statistics and demographic info on gaming in Ireland?

      I am basically looking for figures on how many people play games, how often they play, age profile and what platform they typically use.

      All info & insights appreciated.

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      PC and Video Games – Ireland – September 2006

      Invest NI has some good links.

      Other than that try and get an annual report for companies like gamestop.
      You will find lots of UK details but Ireland is a small market so not sure there is that much info out there.

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      Aphra K

      The CSO’s Quarterly household has included questions on ownership of computers etc. and is one of the most representative surveys around.

      See http://www.cso.ie/releasespublications/pr_inforsociety.htm

      Amarach is a consultancy that seems to do a lot of surveys – then again to get the main data you need to pay. Here is one on youth culture.

      See http://www.amarach.com/uploadedfiles/studies%20and%20reports/decode_report.pdf

      For more textual rather than statistical data see the IDA’s promotion literature on media and entertainment which has a section on games..
      see http://www.idaireland.com/uploads/documents/IDA_Publications/Digital_Ire3.pdf

      Overall though there is very poor data available for Ireland. The surveys are unrepresentative or very expensive or both. If anyone knows of better please do let us know.


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      Thanks for those guys, they were good tips, looking up Gamestop’s filings atm, and trying to bargain with Amarach…

      There does seem to be a real tendency to lump Ireland in with the UK…i came across screendigest.com which seems to offer up to date stats on gaming in IE, will let you know how I get on.

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      In case it;s of interest to anyone, the Business Information library in the Ilac centre has a 2006 Mintel report on PC & Video games in IE, it’s very good…

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