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      I’m currently doing my MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (sort of the opposite of G.O.F.A.I). I’m trying to get things sorted out or atleast be aware of all the options before the work really starts to build up – i’m so not used to reading so many research papers!

      I’m doing the course with the hopes of eventually (when i’m a grown up :P) becoming an AI programmer.

      We got a booklet about doing our dissertations, there’s a bit that says …

      You are positively encouraged to seek a project with a commercial/industrial flavour. If you can find an industrial sponsor or even host, that would be good, although you will still need an academic supervisor[/quote:ec02e64f63]

      Does anyone know how i would go about approaching a company about this? Or even who in a company i should contact?

      Oh, i’m over in England btw, Brighton to be exact. A few guys in my class have contacts in the UK Games Industry, but I figured i’d ask the sources of ineffable wisdom here too :wink:



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