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      Hi all,

      Thought I’d post this in case anyone might be interested. I’ve recently handed in my Masters ‘Enhanced NPC Behaviour using Goal Oriented Action Planning’ to Abertay. Inspired by Jeff Orkins work with Goal Oriented Action Planning(GOAP) in FEAR I basically researched, developed and analysed a GOAP system comparing it against FSMs when used alongside squad behaviour to achieve both individual and team goals. I created a simulation that attempted to mimic as closely as possible UT2004’s different game modes as they are ideal for testing two AI systems against one another. You can get the PDF of the thesis at my site : http://www.edmundlong.com/Projects/Masters_EnhancedBehaviourGOAP_EddieLong.pdf

      The dissertation involved developing a GOAP and FSM system and placed in a game scenario where experiments were carried out between the two. Comparisons were made on three levels, the first was based on the results of the games i.e. how the systems performed against one another in the Domination, Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Last Man Standing game modes.

      The second comparison examined the two systems from a technical perspective and investigated how each system performed from a memory management, CPU usage and efficiency standpoint. The final comparison considers the merits of the two systems with respect to ease of management, flexibility and re-usability. Squad behaviour when combined with each of the system was also analysed and this was taken into consideration in the outcome/conclusion of the dissertation.



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