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      pretty interesting read. Some of the points are loose, at best, but the maps have very simliar components. "Meadow of Lost Souls" vs. "Desert of Lost Souls", but I’m sure both of these are coming from classical greek mythos.

      I didn’t pay [enough] attention in Classical Studies to remember…doh.


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      I’ve always wondered what the legal effects of basing something on mythology are. Cause someone will ALWAYS have done it before you and their work is under copyright… So if you’re doing a Greek God vs Mortal game… you’re in a difficult position.

      Looking at the article.

      The champion’s family is murdered in their peaceful village. In both stories, the protagonist feels guilt for this, despite not being responsible, and seeks absolution through his quest.[/quote:d8910cf84a]

      HOW many games, novels, books, comics has this been done in? It’s the first lesson of "Writing generic protaganists 101"

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