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      I’m from the animation course out in IADT, in my final year at the moment.
      Something last year did that we’re planning to do again is that they invited various animation studios in to the college. They basically came in to look at the 4th years’ portfolios of work so they could see if there was any new talent they were interested in for internships, hiring on a contract or just a name to remember.

      We’re planning to use this idea again for our class that’ll be finishing the coming June.
      But I was wondering if there are game studios that would be interested in being involved too?
      I’m not sure how many of the studios on here do use in-house asset creation so I thought I should ask rather than mass e-mailing.

      So yay or nay? Are there people who want to get on this list?

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      I think you should just go ahead and email people. I am sure that plenty of people would be interested in seeing the graduates work. Good luck.

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      Aphra K

      It can’t hurt to add some game companies to your list as long as you maybe add something of particular interest or targeted to game companies to the invite..


Viewing 2 reply threads
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