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    make sure u scroll to the bottom of the page .. because there’s loads more interesting articles to read too :D

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    Thats a great article.

    Mix is great. They have some great articles on audio for film and tv also, which can be found here:


    Speaking of articles…i picked up Computer Music at the weekend but i think i missed your article…was it the March issue you were in Claire? – i got the April.

    Incidentally there is an article in the april issue about Game audio for handhelds (PSP, mobile, ds etc) ..its ok just, but this is pretty cool:



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    Hi Dermy .

    ta for that other link too … nice reading for the rest of the day :D

    the computer music mag .. is the “Online Special” .. separate from the monthly ones ..

    it’s a very cool edition actually .. loads of tips :D

    and yes .. the article is in there :D

    edit … i just heard that band you are quoting in your sig this last week .. Hilarious :D LOL ..

    good one

    hope you’re well :D

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    aaaaah, riiiiiight! Noted!

    Forgot to mention this site, which is a goldmine:


    and turning right onto a tangent – my plug-in of the week is this crazy cat:



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    very nice .. i’ll check out the plug then :D

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    dermy… go check your mailbox :wink:

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    some nice links there. made for good reading last night.

    i also picked up march edition of computer music thought you might have been in in fitch.

    anyway. good links there. liked that wee psp site too pretty cool

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    ya beans_w .. it’s not the march issue .. it was a special that hit between feb and march

    online special .. as in on selling music online , not a virtual edition :D .. it’s quite a long feature :D

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