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      Looks like the guys and girls at Havok are going from strength to strength.

      75+ titles in 2009 shipping (or being developed) with Havok under the hood.

      Link: http://siliconrepublic.com/news/article/12655/new-media/over-75-games-to-be-powered-by-new-havok-platform-in-2009

      One interesting piece of news coming from GDC is the inclusion of an AI component, Havok AI.

      Havok AI’s new SDK features a nav mesh generator — the company claims it generates optimal nav meshes "in seconds" from complex levels to support rapid iteration

      The SDK also features fully-integrated dynamic pathfinding, with an additional layered dynamic avoidance technology.


      This looks and sounds awesome. Well done to all involved.

      Video: http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/24092


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      oh my, an auto navmesh generator, wow!

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      Yea, I saw that feature too and was like "awesome."

      Pathengine (http://www.pathengine.com/overview.php) was the only tool I knew of that had something along those lines.

      Can not wait to see this in action.

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