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    Hi all,

    I’ve modelled a level (Well tried to. I’m no artist.:) ) in 3ds max and imported it into RenderWare graphics. When I tried testing the level collision detection appears to work except in certain areas. I have 3 walls with a box intersecting them at ground level and about half way up the wall. The intersects the face of the walls as well. Collision detection works fine apart from in the corners where vertices overlap. It is a requirement of RenderWare that they do not overlap. This means welding the wall to the box. Vertices must be on the same plane so I created new ones at the position on the wall where the top of the box intersects the face of the wall and tried welding, connecting etc but with no luck. Similarily when trying to weld together two boxes belonging to the same object I cannot weld them together. This is driving me absoultely insane. Any help would be appreciated. I appreciate the fact that my description may appear to be the jibberish of a mad man but having scoured the net and seen the college supervisor I am well and truly stumped.



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    For physics and collisions usually your geometry (collision geometry anyway) has to be convex, which may be the problem here if I understand you correctly. You know what would really help – a close up wireframe render of the offending section and we might be able to help you

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    I don’t understand the problem, sorry. As Pete said – any chance of some screen grabs?

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