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      Anyone else counting the hours away ’till the launch of MMORPG ‘Star Wars Galaxies‘? I’m seriously considering moving to an area with Broadband coverage to take full advantage of this EPIC!

      I’ve already ordered my new Radeon 9700 Pro-equipped gaming PC.

      My girlfriend has serious concerns about our relationship going-forward!


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      Aphra K

      Hi all,

      well I had a very pleasant afternoon on Monday last in the RDS at the MegaLAN. In case you didn’t know about it 150 PC gamers all gathered to play online games over three days – I caught them on the last day but they were still going strong.

      Also met De Vore – infamous from boards.ie and these guys hope to organise more such events in the future.

      If you are into online games keep an eye on their website for upcoming events and info on the last one http://www.megalan.net/


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      Hi Monument,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Interesting you should mention that. I was IMing a contact of mine in the States – who claimed that there were several MAJOR issues of concern. He told me he can friends who were involved in the development. He warned me not to get too excited.

      Nevertheless, I pray that they can get these issues sorted, and, if anyone can, I guess Sony / LucasFilm can (given their huge resources).

      Also, I was reluctant to post this, as I don’t like to be part of second guessing a product I haven’t seen. Nevertheless, I guess that’s what the internet is all about…:)

      Here’s hoping!


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