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      I’m a graphic artist from Spain and I’ve just arrived to Carlow Town. My girlfriend is an Erasmus programmer studying at IT Carlow and she didn’t want to come alone to Ireland :wink:
      I’ve been working in Spain and some of my published works are:

      Ant’s Life for iOs (full graphics,UI and animation)
      World Leaders PC (3d UI)
      Billy Blade and the Temple of Time (PC)

      I have experience using Photoshop, Flash, 3dstudio Max (pixel art, flash art and animation, low-poly modelling, texturing and animating) and have been using SVNs and different engines. The problem is that:

      a) I don’t know much about the videogames Industry in Ireland (reading the news it looks like it’s growing a lot (well, maybe Popcap isn’t))

      b) In Spain they teach me something that was called english, but I’m having several difficulties to talk and understand people here. I suppose it’s a matter of time to improve it in a real environment.

      If there is anyone interested in a graphic artist or anybody in the forum wants to know about the spanish videogame industry, I’m your man.

      When I can post links I’ll send some sample adresses. :wink:

      (Hope this is the place to say "Hi!", I haven’t found another one)

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      Aphra K

      Welcome to the boards. I copied your message to the general discussion where actually there is an introductions thread.

      We have a number of events coming up in November so perhaps you will make it along to some of them to say hello..including a games jam and an indie one day conference ‘state of play’.

      There is also a games course in Carlow IT so you might want to make some links there.

      Finally, you can add more detailed info to our ‘profiles’ section including links to your portfolio etc.


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      Welcome to gd.ie and Ireland :).

      In the South East the particular dialect of Hiberno English can be confusino! Also accents won’t help. There are also some words unique to the south east of Ireland. If it is any help:

      Ye = plural version of you. Like German Sie, same root word. Comes from Yola an extinct version of middle English that was one spoken in the south easy of Ireland.

      Yoke = Thing, piece

      Cop on = behave yourself

      Scoops = pints of beer or cider

      This may help: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiberno-English

      Spoken grammar can be a little different to standard English too.

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      I do assume that there’re a lot of people talking between them and understanding themselves, so It looks like the problem is probably just me :P

      My training starts here:
      "Ye! Leave that yoke, cop on and bring some scoops!" :shock:

      Great! I’m beginning to talk like a full-fledged hibernian! :lol:

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      Ye is only a plural version of you. Never formal :)…

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