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    pics look great – too good for a ps2?

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    Looks good, but I got kind of dissillusioned with the Hitman franchise after the 2nd one. It always seemed more rewarding to just blast the hell out of everyone rather than kill your target quietly.
    Compare that to Splinter Cell, where I find it more rewarding to do it quietly(I finished the final level of Chaos Theory without killing one person or being noticed at all, and I felt hugely satisfied!). Maybe if they used a similar engine and control system as Splinter Cell for the Hitman series it would suit it better?
    In my opinion it would. Nice shots though all the same!

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    i hate when people use p.c. (or other consoles) screenshots for a console, clearly the ps2 could never do thouse graphics

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    i quite liked the second one – i have the pc version.
    and i always got satisfaction from getting the silent assasin status at the end of the mission.
    i was bloody tough though.
    [edit: i was bloody tough lol, i meant “it was bloody tough”]
    i have contracts lying around but haven’t played it yet.

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    I preferred contracts to the 2nd one. So if you liked no2, you should really like contracts.

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    Heh, I finished the first one which I enjoyed immensly. The following two are currently sitting in front of me waiting to be played on my new PC. I’ll definitly be picking Blood Money up aswell.

    Oh and as for the sneaking issue…well remember sometimes Hitmen need to get their hands abit dirty. I’ve always like the Hitman series because it gave you the option of going in guns blazing or sneaking or in most cases a little bit of both…

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