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      Hey guys your all gonna hate me by now from my random HL2 posts but heres a more constructive one than the last one even though that one turned out ok

      Latest IDEA i have had
      As you can see im bursting with energy and all gung ho on making a mod that i can stick on my prospectus

      Does anyone out there watch REAPER or SUPERNATURAL two shows that i have become addicted to recently
      Ghost whisper is also class
      Well basically it will be kinda based on Supernatural where one side are ghost hunters and the other is demons and monsters and leprechauns and stuff.

      One side will be defending and the other attacking or hunting
      I have no really clear idea as to what objectives i can give ghouls and demons but the human hunters will be a good catch hunting for ghouls and demons looking for signs of their presence and that kind of thing and the demons and ghouls have special powers and stuff for kicking the crap out of them
      Its an Idea and this is why ive started this post so we can bring our constructive irish minds together and think of improvements for this one or completely new ones
      By the way its not the one im focused on at the minute a friend of mine i met in these forums has had a decent idea that lacks a killer selling point and im gonna get him to post it in the forum if he wants to so you guys can add to it

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