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      Hey Everyone,
      My name’s Jason Coomey. I’m currently working as a graphic designer/sub editor/writer for the Voice newspaper group. It’s published in Kilkenny, Tallaght, Galway and Laois and each week I write a games article for the Kilkenny and Galway editions. They’re written to be fun and interesting and a break from the normal cliched video game coverage you’d see in printed publications.
      I come with a big question that’ll hopefully lead to cool stuff for some of us in the Irish gaming industry. I’m thinking that I can write articles about independently developed games created by people who visit this site, people in college and small gaming companies. People who don’t really have a PR agent to get their work out to the masses.
      If anybody thinks that they can contribute in some way that’d be great. I know I’m a newcomer to the site but I did sign up before until I realised that the development side of things wasn’t for me.
      I think it’d be interesting to read about newly developed local games. It’s become a major thing within the music industry and sites like myspace have really given musicians fantastic opportunities. Lets try and do the same for small game developers! Anything from a small flash game will do. As long as it’s decent enough like.
      What do ye think?

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      Aphra K

      do you mean you want to write these reviews for the voice or for other publications or for online sites?

      I think jamie is going to restart Irish player.com and that used to have lots of reviews…

      also gametoaster does reviews….http://www.gamestoaster.com/

      not specifically of Irish games mind you…


Viewing 1 reply thread
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