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      They seem to have hit the nail on the head – the use of a forum, with private areas, is a very obvious solution to tracking ideas / game progress ( along of course with source control, and the daily build ).


      We’re just about to take on another 3D artist here ( up to 6, so we’re growing slowly but surely ), and this is definitely an area I’m keen to keep an eye on.

      For myself personally, I’m also keeping an eye on Blender 2.5 ( which is coming along fantastically well ), especially when it gets Verse integration again – imagine being able to lay out the basics of a level in terms of coding, and also adding in basic interactivity, along with a number of other 3D artists / coders from different locations in real-time!!! If that basic level turns out to be fairly fun, then it can be popped into the WIP area for additional polishing by another "eye candy" team, while the gameplay team get back to making another quick level.


      ps here’s another article – http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/2828/managing_an_international_remote_.php

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