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      Good evening everyone !
      I’m a Belgian student, in my last year of a game development bachelor degree.

      I’m searching for an internship in Ireland for the start of 2012.

      I discovered this website yesterday, so I thought i should try to ask for help no this forum.

      Do you know where i could find a list of Irish developers actually looking for interns ? I’v try some companies, but response were "we don’t need interns" or "we work from home offices rather than a central studio".

      My previous training in computer graphics allow me to understand and promptly adjust to the constraints and limitations known by both artists and developers.

      I am able to use different programming languages (C,C++,C#,LUA, mono ) and ready to learn new ones.if necessary.
      I currently work on a personal project using "unity Engine" .


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      Hi Rati,

      I’m a student myself and someday hope to get into the industry. However professional games development companies are very rare in Ireland in comparison to other parts of europe and the US.

      Theres only one job offer I’ve heard of lately but don’t take it personally if they prefer to hire someone Irish.


      Best of luck with your career search and I hope we have the chance to work together in the industry someday :)

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      Email them and ask. As always, a demonstrative portfolio of work will aid you in finding a placement somewhere.

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