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      Is there a link to the Project Proposal Document available? I think it would better inform the group as to the Software Requirements.

      As Skyclad has pointed out above, Java (even Java3D) is relatively slow., strictly due to it’s Virtual Machine. This component which facilitates platform independence is also the nail in its coffin.

      Note however, I use the the word “relatively slow.” If you are new to programming, and not use to direct memory access via C (or even ASM) as well as low-level API’s like Direct3D then you might not notice the cost.

      There are several projects up and running like:


      Which proves that 3D engines are possible with Java3D.

      In closing, I would like to point out that, YES, Java3D could be used for game engine development, but everyone in industry will instinctively roll their eyes.

      It reminds me of a former student, who took it upon himself to write his own string class, even after being introduced to STL. Every potential employer he showed his string class to, deemed it an exercise in futulity, (why re-invent the wheel, other than to prove you can, and have the time to waste?)

      Again, if you can provide a link to the proposal document, perhaps I/we can offer better insights.

      Hope this helps,

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