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      Hi folks.

      Sorry about this put I had posted previously about job opportunities in Derry.

      The company are looking for good 3D artists for senior and junior positions and remote work may be considered. Preference will be given to artists with Maya and After Effects experience.

      Please send your CVs to me at


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      Should this be included in the Jobs section?

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      Who are ‘The Company’?

      Why would we email them to a personal address (‘ntlworld.com’)?

      Should we include our credit card details?

      Are you Nigerian Royalty?

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      Aphra K

      no Sean is a real person…he emailed me in advance!

      These are not in a games company so I did not put them up in our jobs section..

      But they are real jobs and related skills…


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      Thanks Aphra and I apologise for any ambiguity.

      The posting is with the company 360 Productions. I agreed to help their director / producer with their applications that’s why I was using my personal email address. Basically, they are using me as a filter and they usually get loads of applications.

      Here’s a little more about the position. Again, it really is worth a punt guys.

      "A designer/animator who can work on AfterEffects and can work at a good pace to create funny and visually varied animations.

      Somebody who can make funny/off the wall but still coherant and clear animation.

      They will be working to storyboards/animatics but there will be room for ideas and creative input.

      An eye for detail, and possibly a slightly warped sense of humour would be ideal.

      Skills that are essential: proficient on AfterEffects and Photoshop.

      Skills which would help: Maya 3D software

      An understanding of basic filming/photography for creating elements etc would be good too.

      They need to be confident with deadlines. They have to meet targets for this series to work.

      They will need to work with archive footage – and be good at tracking in elements to alter the footage.

      Also rotoscoping skills will be needed to separate some bits of archive.

      Bringing stills to life is another skill that will be used a lot. Sometimes it may be just animating the eyes and mouth.
      Other times they may need to use the puppet tool to make a character move.

      They will need to understand how to work in 3D Aftereffects projects."

      Thanks to anyone that has applied so far. Your CVs and reels have been forwarded and I am delighted to say that all so far have been well received. I do strongly believe there is a wealth of talent on this island of ours. Stand up and be counted.


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