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      Aphra K

      A new report released by a European labour rights organisation has examined workers rights in console manufacturing companies in China.


      see http://makeitfair.org/the-facts/news/playing-with-labour-rights

      ‘makeITfair report reveals violations of workers’ rights in game
      console and portable music players manufacturing in China. This is the
      first study on working conditions related to these products which are
      highly popular amongst the youth.

      The legal minimum salary has become the standard, ranging from 72 to
      87 euros per month, for a workweek in the studied factories. The
      workers worked a substantial amount of overtime; 10 to 11 hours per
      day, six days per week. Due to the very low wages workers do not have
      an other option but work inhumane overtime hours and live in factory
      dormitories without any privacy.

      …. A half of the portable music players and most game consoles are made in China mostly by big contract manufacturers.’

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