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    I have a *friend* who is interested in a job…the company in question use Lightwave. I’ve heard good things about Lightwave…its closer to Maya than Max…

    Any one have experience of it, what did you think of it?

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    I never liked the way they seperate the renderer and modelling tools… though that might have changed by now its been years since I used it. I have a couple of freinds who refuse to use anything else.

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    I personally like lightwave a lot.

    I own a licensed copy, but use max at work.

    I wouldn’t really say that it is closer to maya, they are all pretty different in their workflow…..but I would never let the tools used put me off a good job.

    All packages have their strengths and weaknesses. Lightwaves great strengths are probably its modelling and rendering.

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    Yeah I’ve heard that Lightwave as a modelling app really rocks. It was the modelling tool of choice by the ID creative team for Doom III

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    Yeah man Lightwave is a brilliant piece of software! I started out in max and then like your friend had to convert over cause of the companies preference. At first it was such an alien way of doing stuff but eventually I fell in love with it and used Lightwave for about 3 years professionally.

    Like what archimage3d said, there is always plus’s and minus’s to all software packages. I have jumped back over to Max in the last year cause I’m building my portfolio again and want to have some max models done for when applying to companies. Max appears to be the most popular in the games indusrty across the board with alot of companies using Maya aswell but Lightwave seems to be more widespread in TV and film.

    Oh and one thing great about lightwave is that it nearly never crashes!!! I wont mention a certain other unstable programme…..cough(max)cough…that seems to be forever balls’in up!

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    Some people like the division between modelling and scene construction/animation.The people in criterion found the system useful in Burnout 3.


    I must say that lightwave had seemed to be flagging slightly in comparison to others.This was partly because it did actually pioneer a lot of features to the general market (sds, radiosity,hdri, voxels…..) and was running low on the “wow” new feature stuff.

    The next iteration is looking very promising indeed, it allows for both the split (model/animation) paradigm and also allows for many modelling functions to be carried out in the animation section. (plus a host of other new features)

    As always though, software doesn’t make art. For that you need talent. practice and time. (look at what has been achieved with Hash animation master)

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    As far as I know, there is a Bachelors in Interactive Media (or something similiar) at Letterkenny IT, its MAC-based and they teach LightWave as part of that course.

    A couple of my mates, whom had been using MAX found LightWave (And Apple Mac’s) intolerable for about the first 3 months of the course, but slowly they’re complaining ceased, and now their flying.

    The work they produce with LWave seems to match anything I’ve seen with other modelling environments, so its seems to hold its own…

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