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      I applied a biped skeleton to a mesh in order to be able to load .bip files for my animations. After that I have added a sword in the hand on the model and attached it to his right hand.
      The problem I’m having is that in max the animation for the body and sword looks correct but when I export the model to a panda directx .x file to use in XNA Game Studio the sword is a bit off (but it still follows the animation of the hand, just isnt in his hand).
      I tried the kw .X exporter too and the sword is then miles off target.
      How can I fix this? Or maybe someone can fix it for me, I’m sure it is very simple but I just don’t know what to do anymore.



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      Hey Sil,

      Sounds like a parenting issue. Make sure parent induced translation is applied to child sword correctly or just merge the meshes.

      But if ya want here is a hack if the sword is tracking correctly but just translated off a bit. Change the text of .x file.

      Find the FrameTransformMatrix for the sword (Should be near the top) like the following:

      Frame sword{

      FrameTransformMatrix {
      That bottom row is translation (Diagonal is scale), just change the matrix until sword back in hand for first frame and hope rest is right.

      C ya.

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      Thanks Dave. I will try that.
      In the mean time I found another hacky way of doing it :)
      Basically using 2 model files, one with the biped and mesh of the guy and one with the sword mesh and the biped, then when play them overlapped it looks perfect :)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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