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      Hey, I’m looking for a programming job at the moment.
      I’ve had work experience in Starcave Studios in Galway as Lead Programmer (using the Torque engine) as well as a tester and developer of automated test programs in Microsoft in Seattle. I’ve recently just finished the Masters in Interactive Entertainment Technology by Trinity which focused exclusively on game technologies and was set up by Havok co-founder Steve Collins.
      In college, I’ve done a variety of game related programs, such as developed two video games as part of a team using XNA and C# (video for one can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2hdbH14zTc , it is soon to be released online). I’ve also developed a Java program that generates J2ME mobile video games depending on parameters enterer into a GUI, and a system that allowed Lua code to be generated from diagrams.
      My strongest languages are C/C++, Java and a few scripting languages like Python and Lua.
      I’ve a huge amount of enthusiasm for the games industry but am happy to take any coding job.
      If anyone is interested, contact me through PM or e-mail and I’ll send my CV.

      Thank you,

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