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      I have an idea for a card game but I have absolutely no programming skills at all. I don’t want to go into too much detail here but I feel that for a programmer it would be a pretty simple game to develop.

      I was wondering if anybody would be interested in developing this game with me. My aim is to sell the game to a online gambling game developer. Unfortunately I can not afford to pay upfront but if I do sell it I would be willing to give 20% to the person who programmes the game.

      I want the game to look like a top quality game, I understand flash is probably the best option. The programmer would also need to set up a website and put the game on the website.

      If you are interested, please email me at samkingclon[at]hotmail[dot]com

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      just so we are clear.

      no money up front but…. the programmer needs to give..

      months of programming, coding, testing…
      creation of all the art work.

      hosting for testing.

      creation of website. Domain name purchase, hosting.

      Cross over to have game run on web.

      for 20% of portentially nothing…

      …ill pass..

      you may wish to rethink your selling technique :)

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      Yeah it is a risk but I feel, in life we need to be prepared to take risks or you’ll get nowhere.

      This is my position – I know nothing about programming/web hosting. I just have an idea that I want to see made. If someone if interested in helping then I’m prepared to sit down and listen to what they have to say and see how we can get it done. A friend of mine informed me about a web hosting site called black knight, that looks like it could be useful, certainly looks cheap.

      I actually had a guy that was interested today but unfortunately he didn’t realise that the terms of his work contract forbade him from doing outside work.

      On the programming end, the game is a very simple card game. All I’m really asking for is a good working demo that I can show around to bigger developers. I honestly don’t think it would take months of work but perhaps I’m wrong.

      Again, if anyone is interested contact me at samkingclon[at]hotmail[dot}com

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      Its actually a running joke in game development sites mate. Though usually its an RPG.

      "Will someone make my (insert gameType) game for me?"

      Not knocking you.. just stating it like it is so you know. Beware a frosty reception.

      Have you thought about learning yourself?.. daunting as that may seem it may be the more practical option. Besides that doing a lot of actual work draws people in.. i.e doing concept art, drawing up design docs etc

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      The thing is though, is that idea’s are a dime-a-dozen and without bringing any particular skill set to the table, you are in a very difficult position.

      The advice I would give, is to perhaps develop your skills in the area you are looking to do business in. If a programmer possesses the skills to develop a website themselves and basically an entire game, why would they not just do that themselves and try sell it for 100% profit?

      Clearly it would be a completely different scenario if it was contract work for example, but at the moment there is little to no incentive for anyone to get themselves involved. Having even a high-concept design document or paper prototype put together might help though.

      In a nutshell, try pick up a scripting language for the most effective remedy ;)

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      Prototyping software here (for non programmers)

      Mock up your idea first…


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      If you would like to fill me in on the idea and expect a working product at some undefined point I wouldn’t mind having a look. I want to learn some flash stuff, and having a defined goal would be good :)

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      Is this related to your previous topic on a similar subject:


      If so maybe you could let people know what happened with your previous effort?

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      Firstly, thanks everyone for your help and advice, very much appreciated.

      JohnnyJohnJohns – This is a new game idea. The previous games I had were both rejected. I believe the developers had issues opening the file and the feeling I got is that they just didnt bother with it hence why I want to put this game on a website.

      Omen – I’ve sent you a PM there.

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      my advice is to build the prototype yourself. use gamemaker. plenty of tutorials online. if your game is simple as you say, youll have a prototype in under a week.

      and yeah, echo most comments above. programmers hate having their time wasted or under appreciated so expect ‘prickly’ comments as standard.

      hope this post is helpful.

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      I’ve had a look at gamemaker but I really am stone useless when it comes to programming.

      I’ve managed to put some money aside if there’s any one willing to have a go at it. It would be pretty straight forward for somebody who knows what they are doing! It’s a 2D card game. Prefer if the game was in flash. Dont need the website as previously stated, just need a good playable demo of the game.

      Send me a message if you’re interested.

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      Hi Sam, why not try Stencyl it has a visual block system that allows you to program logic by dragging and dropping. its really easy.
      If you get stuck, there are plenty of tutorials and an active forum too.

      I know how daunting programming or scripting can seem. But if you want to see your idea come to fruition you really need to give it a go. You might surprise yourself. I think stencyl is a great introduction to help you understand how things work, and later you can move on to scripting etc.

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      I like this one:


      *noting this one for future reference/potential game making*

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