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    So, after realizing that the game albiet Metal Slug 3 was coming out I decided to pick up a copy today to re-kindle an old Flame. My My, how the years have gone by, but it’s obvious from the immediate smile on my face that Metal Slug hasn’t aged a bit!. Has anyone else, besides Sideshow picked up a copy?. You should, it’s one of the best examples of how to make a good-fun-fast game. i love it, will bide me over till I build up the courage to splash out on Prime 2. :)

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    Don’t need anything else but M-Slug 1, Bomberman & 1941 to satisfy my gaming urges, these days ;)

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    Pardon my ignorance, but what is Metal Slug ?

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    Check out these cool Metal slug flash games.

    Metal slug Rampage 1

    Metal slug Rampage 2

    There done pretty cool, I’d say there was a lot of screen grabs from mame to get all the visuals.

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    Thanks Max, those were great!

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