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      in an article on Gamesindustry.biz today reporting from the ELSPA conference in London, a Nintendo exec slammed Microsoft for accelerating the console transition because the current Xbox is losing money as was inevitable for a new entrant into the hardware industry…

      the article can be found here:-

      i have to say i agree with him overall… i’ve spoken before on how it would be unwise for Microsoft NOT to do this as (a) the PS3 & Xbox2 wil be much closer to each other in spec, and (b) the tying in of developers to platform exclusives is less and less prevalent as it’s harming sales… and so the PS3’s main competitive advantage would be its installed user base (those who already own a PS or PS2)

      but while it may be good sense for Microsoft, it’s a bum deal for the hardcore gamers and enthusiast’s who’ll have to shell out for yet another platform if they want to play the latest and greatest games – particularly if rumoures of next gen systems being non- backwards compatible…

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