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    Was just wondering if anyone here could point me in the direction of a few free downloadable models on the net for milkshape. Ive used Digital Bone Yard but was hoping for more. Its for my FYP and was told today its looking good and i have enough of my own models in it so i can just fill the rest of the place with others from the net.


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    I’d be surprised if Milkshape can’t import some of the more common 3d formats, 3ds, ase or obj for example. Have a look on http://www.3dcafe.com, although the quality here can be less than “controlled” or http://www.turbosquid.com

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    Milkshape can import and export a huge number of file types but when you impost the models often need some editing or skinning so I was just looking for an easy option. Cheers for the links, 3dcafe looks to have a nice selection of free models

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