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      Hi all,

      I may have posted about this in the past (did a search couldn’t find it).

      Anyway, a colleague of mine introduced me to Mindmaps. I’ve been getting more and more into them, and whenever a concept for a game, or hook, or mechanic comes into my head I "map" it out.

      I’m using FreeMind, which is well, free and its available under Linux and Windows.

      Anyway, while I’m becoming a bit of convert, (I still use UML for more structured engineering, after the concept is flushed out in a map) one feature I thought was lacking was a way to store the maps online, and update/edit in a "WIKI" style format of collaboration.

      Well, I’ve found two sites now offering online Mindmapping collaboration services (Mindomo, and Mindmeister) so I’m trialing them at the moment.



      Will report back and let you know how it goes.

      Just wondering if anyone else uses Mind maps or trialed any of the services above?


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