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      Hey Guys

      I am looking for some information and advice.

      I am considering going into music production for video games. I am trying to get some information and contacts and future job prospects and what the best approach for me to take.

      For anyone currently involved in this area, wow did you get involved in the industry and how have you found getting work?

      I am a sound engineer by trade but am looking to switch into the gaming industry. I found what appears to be a great course offered by Grifith College, (http://www.pulsecollege.eu/audio/music-production-for-games). I was wondering have you ever heard of this or is taking a course a recommended way to get into the industry or would i be better persuing an interniship.

      Any help or advice you can offer me would be really helpful or even any other studios in Ireland that do audio for video games that I could speak to.

      thank you

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