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      Hi everybody.
      My name is Lukas and my big hobby is 3d graphics and programming. Ive
      been thinking long time about creating something, some myst like
      adventure game with story, plot, great graphics and nod so hard
      puzzles. I started to think about this when i first time played Beyond
      Atlantis, such great game. And then when i played Myst and Riven, i
      just knew that i have to do something. I learned 3d Applications like
      Blender, Cinema 4d, Max and some programing languages, but i know its
      just too muh for one person to do, so am looking for help, for anyone
      who is interested to create something with proper skills. Anyone who
      wants to do the same thing. Maybe in near future our game will be free
      to download for whoever wants to. Dont forget that brothers Rand And
      Robin Miller made their first game in garage :)


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      Hmm maybe try gamedev.net’s help wanted section. But before you post please make sure to read the sticky fully, some the regulars can be extremely sensitive about sticking to the procedures.


      Also it might help if you post more information about what exactly you want(a myst style game could be taken in lots of ways) and also what experiences you have. What technology you intend to use would also be helpful. Is the engine premade or do you intend to roll your own. The more details you give the more likely people are to help you.

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      Thanks Ik_ that is actually a really great resource you got there!

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