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    I need games developed for a gaming and gambling site which i am planning. Anyone interested?? i am willing to pay. lemme know…

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    More details…

    Do you have what games you require or are people free to submit ideas?
    How exactly are you planning on handling client/server side game and cash handling?
    What infrastructure do you have in place for such a site?
    Is it full time/part time, what sort of rates are you considering and what Kind of experience do you require?

    Just a few initial questions.


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    thanks for replying….i need the standard casino games, poker….have a look at http://futurebet.com/products.php.

    i need all or atleast most of the games listed there…would be needing 5-6 more games for which i have my ideas….i dont have anything setup….either the game developer himself can develop the website(along with client server handling) for me or if he is not able to do that, then i can have the website developed and the game developer can then integrate his games to my site….we need to talk on that…

    as for budget, i am willing to pay any amount which sounds reasonalble…it all depends on how much work u can do it for me and how good the work is…lemme know..

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    You realise developing competent, secure applications with synchronised multi-user connections could easily run into the hundreds of thousands of Euros and requires a dedicated team of full time professionals? Also, the facilities to handle lodgements and payouts required at least one direct connection to an international bank as well as a customer support network that can handle the volume of traffic you expect? And a game developer is different from a web developer, and neither are likely to have any particular design skills? You would also need a dedicated full time server/network support team to make sure you are running 24/7.

    Why not try licence some software from bossmedia.com or other similar vendor?


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    I suggest getting in touch with one or more of the following companies for more information on this:

    CanDo Interactive


    Full Company Listings on this site:

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    hey skylad,
    thanks for the reply…i did not realise that it would involve hundreds of thousands though i was ready for investment of 10s of thousands….but i wonder why it would cost hundreds of thousands…there are hundreds of people running gambling sites….i had planned to get every game developed or buy a gambling package from some company (like futurebet) and add a few more games to it….i guess that would cost only abt 10-20k dollars….how come u say that it would cost hudreds of thousands of euros?? lemme know pls…

    and thanks for the list of companies…

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