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      Good article there Aphra on Nephin, definately an interesting read. I think their onto a winner with the marketing and promotion growing their business.

      This is definately gonna be a big part of games for nex-gen, in game advertising will pay the 10 million quid it takes to bring something to ps3 or 360. Similarly its gonna pay for some very high quality mobile games. Nice to see all the hard work of begging and scrapping up the dosh is finally bring the company into success. Im looking forward to seeing this lampoons game. the movies were bloody hilarious. Good old clark griswald!

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      Aphra K

      Thanks Peter….Pavel is afraid I am going to take his job!

      One a more serious note, I think it is important that wanna be entrepeneurs realise just how hard it is to start up a game company and go in with their eyes wide open..


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