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      Hello there,

      after some GBA stuff, I have gone to mobile development…
      The platform chosen is Symbian. This is a niche market compared to J2ME and BREW, true… But it lets you write some games which DO look and sound like GBA games whereas it runs on a mobile phone. And it does not only run on the NGage but on the whole Series 60 range, which includes as of today more than 15 handsets (7650, 6600, 3650, …).

      Please have a look here: http://www.bitrabbit.net
      Sorry for the poorly designed website but neither do I have webmaster/designer competences, nor I have the time :(
      But the pictures should speak for themselves ;)

      This game is almost finished and some publishers seem interested. Will let you know if something goes out of this.

      For the people interested in testing the game, I will PM you very quickly !

      Cheers !

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      Yukiko looks perfect for mobiles – very cute, colourful and clean. Reminds me of the stuff Denki puts out (thats a good thing)

      Yeti3D – I’d love to see some videos of this engine in the future as I’ve researched alot of GBA 3D engines. It would be good to see how it compares

      Love the bitrabbit logo \font :)

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      Very cool… bomberman let me play some of these over a pint at the Awakenings, they are great fun, and are very polished.


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      Best of luck bomberman & to all the bitrabbit team!

      I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting interest from publishers with content like that!


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      Nice, very nice.

      I would go along with Ian, you should be able to find a partner for Yukiko.

      I would love to play it but PM me first.


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      Thanks lads for all the kind words… It has been a lot of work to do this even if this a “simple” game. This is all night coding and having such feedback makes me think I did not do it for nothing :)

      And yes the whole team must be greeted. The artis has done a wonderful job, as did the musician, but unfortunately, that can’t be evaluated here :D Before compression and same instruments reuse, there is more than 250K of MOD music !!! After compression this falls down to a more sensible under 100K…

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