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    can anyone tell me if theres anymore next-gen consoled announced beside revolution,ps3,xbox360. More specifically i heard another one in passing but cant remember it, (possibly beginning with i, and no im not talking abou the ill fated indrema)

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    There was a console meant to be coming out, the Phantom or something. It was basically meant to be a legal emulation console. Vanished from the radar a while ago. Apart from that, nothing.

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    The phantom by Infinium Labs is an on demand (always connected to Broadband for games delivered straight to the console when you so wish) games console/home entertainment system that i heard about last year after E3 but have heard little or nothing of since.
    Their site has’nt any new info either so not sure whats the plan for it, although i heard that perhaps you can get one free in exchange for monthly subscription to the service etc or else you can buy it outright for a couple of hundred euro/pound/dollars etc.

    but i have not heard of a new/Next gen console besides the Big Three of MicroSoft, Sony, and Nintendo.


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    Surely you mean ctrl-z :)[/quote:7bae781cfd]


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