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    This seems to be slipping under the radar quite a bit, and I’m not sure why.

    I read that Nintendo are announcing some form of "vital signs reader" for the Wii which will allow the console to detect and monitor the player’s pulse and some other biometrics.

    Firstly, a mate of mine (and frequenter of these forums – thats you ADO) was calling for this technology in 2001 and I think had a prototype up and running at the time. I guess you were right, Ado.

    Next, I don’t think its the most portable of designs, surely you can’t be jumping around the living room, swinging your lightsaber with your index finger carefully inserted into that "mini-mouse" looking thing.

    In the end I think it’ll be an innovative piece of tech, if used correctly (like most tech I suppose).

    link: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/06/wiivitality/

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    Meh.. Looks like a gimmick to me. As for the grudge game idea. I like it although how often do we get scared or frightened in a game for it to be useful.

    More useful to tell some fat ass kid, "hey down with the controller and get outside for some exercise".lol… Reckon it might self?lol

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    I think this is great (though the Irish wireless pip would have been a better news still http://www.vyro-games.com/)

    Better still is a webcam for the Wii, about time N.

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    It looks like an ordinary pulse oximeter, which are used by medical staff in hospitals to monitor the oxygen saturation levels in patients (The percentage of oxygen levels stored in the blood, which is normally about 96%+). So unless you’ve been holding your breath for 20 minutes or are playing your Wii while your living room is on fire and your inhaling smoke, it’s not going to say much of anything! Most pulse oximeters measure heart rates too, but these can be susceptible to noise if the user is moving around a lot.

    Also, doctors tend not to use pulse oximeters when measuring patients’ heart rates, as you cant guarantee correctness. Since the finger is an extremity it is prone to getting cold, which can have a negative effect on the readings. Also, if the finger is elevated, it may also have a negative effect. These are all things medical staff are trained to look out for when they’re doing their rounds and recording vitals. Instead ECG is used to monitor a patient’s heart rate, as its more reliable and advanced (a history graph can be useful for classification purposes).

    These seems pointless for the end user in my opinion. When used with Wii fit, its only going to tell you what you already know, which is – I’ve been jumping around my living room for an hour, so of course my heart rate is going to be up.

    Whats next?

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    That grudge idea is pretty much bang on what one of the locals was working towards in 2003.

    I take the points about it taking up the nunchuk’s slot.

    It could I suppose have been head mounted, or wrist mounted (isn’t that where a pulse is taken anyway?) and then leave your hands free for busting zombies.


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