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      Hi Mal, thanks for the post, a great start to the forums!

      All feedback will be carefully considered, we want this site to serve the needs of the community, so all suggestions are very helpful.

      What would you think about having seperate sections for 3D graphics, Audio, texture making / background painting, and other areas like that? Do you think it’d be better to keep the topics fairly general or be more specific and seperate into sections like 3d, audio etc.?

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      Congrats on the site!! Lets hope this encourages more companies to start up a proper gaming market in Ireland!!
      Looking forward to some 3d graphic sections – especially in the mobile end as not too much about on the web right now with it being so new etc….

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      I would also like to echo the above words of congratulations. I know firsthand how time-consuming these projects can be to get out the door, and I believe Aphra and her team have done a great job. Well done.

      From Games Development point of view, another obstacle to this island developing its own stable and productive games industry has now been removed: we now have a slick, functioning, established resource for pooling knowledge, information and advice.

      Let us hope that this is a very real step in the right direction.

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      Great job on the site ^_^

      Hopefully this should stir up some interest. I wish the best to Aphra and her team in this endeavor and maybe we’ll get to help and support.
      I’m looking forwards to seeing how this all turns out! ^_^

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      Hiya Paul,

      > What would you think about having seperate sections for 3D
      > graphics, Audio, texture making / background painting, and
      > other areas like that? Do you think it’d be better to keep the
      > topics fairly general or be more specific and seperate into
      > sections like 3d, audio etc.?

      If the topics are for tutorials etc, then I think it’s worth having an overall Tutorial section to start with, having separate Audio, texture making etc subsections. The creation of good tutorials might take a while though as they can be quite time consuming to do properly, but the posting of good links to other sites could be invaluable and I’m sure all of us on the forum have stumbled on some nuggets of information that would be invaluable for other developers in a certain field ( ie a Photshop trick for tileable textures, or a quick way to model a low poly character or car in Max or Maya ).

      Having a “Work In Progress” or “Check This Out” area could initially be a single section, and if it gets large enough it could be split into various sections depending on the type of content peope are posting ( if there are too many sections, sometimes a few of them remain very empty, taking up space and adding complexity to the site ).

      BTW is it possible to enable the default displaying of embedded images within a posting, this is a great way of letting people see a quick snapshot of what the link to the content would contain, to save them clicking on every link in every posting etc. Most people on the list will have fairly fast internet connections, and should be able to handle a few image downloads ( especially if it saves them having to download a whole section of a new site ).


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      Just a quick hello. Congratulations on the new site, it looks very promising; I’m already intrigued by the research resources. This could be a very relevant website for upcoming irish games development.

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      Aphra K

      Hi all,

      Nice to see people I know and some I don’t know posting here. Already there are great suggestions for improvements coming in so be patient and we will see what we can do about them.

      Just a note to say we hope to have a face to face launch this month so I will let you know when plans are in place for that.

      Until then..


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      Hiya all,

      It’s great to see all of Aphra’s hard work behind the scenes forming into what I’m sure will become THE invaluable and open core of information for game developers ( both experienced and startups ) in the whole of Ireland, as well as a mine of information for the huge number of Irish working in the games industry around the world who have previously considered returning home to work with their skills and contacts, but can’t get an overall picture of the current state of the industry and what opportunities are available for them.

      As I’m sure you all know, Aphra has researched why the Irish game development scene hasn’t taken off, has contacting as many people as possible in Ireland involved with game development ( it’s not an easy task to find out where everyone is! ) in an very un-biased and open fashion ( from previous failed attempts by others, this will be a key aspect of why this site will succeed ) and has been actively pushing for any solution which will help kickstart the industry over here.

      I look forward to seeing what other developers here are up to ( I know there’ll be some very exciting news from some Irish game development companies over the next month or so ), and to meeting up at the various tradeshows ( hopefully eventually under some sort of Irish banner ), at the very least to finding out where all the best parties are taking place! :)

      The best of luck to you all…

      Just as a quick point, it would be great to see separate posting areas for official news, general discussion, posting the latest and greatest WIP’s ( screenshots / video footage of new games ), up and coming meetings in different parts of the country, information on available grants ( people can then help mention the required terminology needed to get the grant, ie are there any game developers out there “Exporting Tradeable Services”? :) etc.

      It might be worth even having a separate area for posting requests for features like this! I’m sure people will be pretty opinionated at what would be hot / not changes to the site, the number and content headings of the separate discussion areas etc. over the next number of months, so having a separate area for this might keep the general discussion area less cluttered ( see sites like http://www.cgtalk.com for a good example of this for 3D artists ). For example, if I wanted to request an IRC chat forum, where online get togethers could be organised once every couple of months, people could share their views ( good / bad experiences with using IRC, free servers for hosting etc ).

      Oh, and don’t forget to put a link to some of your work in your signature! :)

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