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    Now to play the names on faces game.

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    ..and here is the reason why game developers should be heard and not seen…

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    Cheers, Dave. We really should have had someone taking shots throughout the evening!

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    free heineken.. balls i missed it :(

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    Aphra K

    in the second photo the two guys nearer the right, one with hands to face are Mike Brown, speaker on the night from DarkWater and behind him Paul, their chief tech person. Behind them in black polo is Nicolas Pajot from GALA networks Europe who have just moved into the digital depot and beside him is a guy from PopCap whose name right now escapes me.

    Obviously pic 3 & 4 are me and Sean Blanchfield from Demonware as he realises he wouldn’t be getting a silver envelope full of vochures but instead a racing game with a physical track and cars (since he doesn’t drive as yet!).

    Sean is in pic one, Sergio is off in the background from BCFE, nearest the left is sofox and just over his thumb is Mal and beside him Simon (gizmo). Two guys beside Sean B I am not so sure..

    beat that.!


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    Truly impressive Aphra.

    But Sofox has an extra hand on his thumb!! – I call that an unfair advantage in playing games.

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