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      Hi All,

      Myself (based in Ireland)and two friends (UK peeps) have been working on a causal game for the App store. It launched a few days ago and I am shamelessly plugging it :) Early days yet still got the PR to do this week (we thought it was going to take longer to get approval!!!!)

      Its free to download with In App purchases for the bigger levels and fancier dolls.
      MyRagDoll3D website for more info and links to Youtube gameplay videos.

      iTunes link is here

      Will update you all in a month or so and let you know how we are getting on…

      Good luck to everyone else who is trying the App store route :)

      Cheers Dave.

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      Cool, let us know how its doing!

      Also, do you have a blog documenting the development process? Pitfalls, tips, etc?

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      Cool, let us know how its doing!

      Also, do you have a blog documenting the development process? Pitfalls, tips, etc?[/quote:7ca0cd36eb]

      Sorry no blog as we are busy working on more than one project at a time. :)

      I would say the 2 most important things to consider are:-

      1) Price and sales model, do you go for a lite and full price version, free to download with in app purchases or just sell it straight off….. but at what price?? bit of a mine field.

      2) PR! Its a pain, but if no one knows about your game it won’t sell!!! Hit the social networks and the review sites and be prepared to have to fork out some cash to get a premium review on some of the sites if you need it.

      We had 10’000 downloads in the first week so we are pleased since we had no PR in place.

      So if you have not downloaded the game you can get it here.

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      Hi everyone just a quick update on where we are….We have had a lot of feedback which we have taken on board and have released a new version of the game with the following:-

      ∙ Smaller download size for cellular users. Now less than 20Mb.
      ∙ Two additional free levels added.
      ∙ One additional free doll added.
      ∙ New ‘Tumble’ game mode added.
      ∙ Ingame instructions added.
      ∙ Additional content preview system added.
      ∙ Compatible with iOS 4.1 and above.

      So this will hopefully widen the market for us, especially keeping the game to below 20mb. :P

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      Hi Folks

      Further update.. we have released a holiday update of our game just in time for Thanks giving in America, which seems to be our biggest market!!

      we have added the following

      ∙ Compatible with iOS 3.2 and above.
      ∙ Added seasonal North Pole pack.
      ∙ Added device incompatibility warning rather than automatically closing down the App on unsupported devices.
      ∙ Compatible with the iPhone 4S.

      Biggest thing we where aiming for, with this release was to optimize our code and assets is to try and get the app running on as low an iOS as possible. And release a holiday level pack with dolls that would appeal to new players as well as our current players.

      I plan to give you all an update after Christmas. see what worked and didn’t.

      You can also view video footage of our game on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/MyRagDoll3D

      For a more in-depth look at our level packs and dolls you can visit the http://www.myragdoll3d.com website.

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