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      This isn’t a "which one is better" or a "should there be only one" topic! It’s just about Ireland and where we stand between these two separate ratings systems!

      I am, for the moment, still working in game store and find it quiet funny when parents lie about the game being for them when I ask if it is ok it’s 18 rated. But is this just spitting in the face of bothering to rate the games in the first place??

      Also there are many differences between the ratings of BBFC and PEGI with Metal Gear Solid 4 for example, rated 15 by BBFC but it’s 18 by PEGI standards. I never knew that until today!!?!? In my workplace we almost always get BBFC rated games and that is not really recognized here. Should these BBFC games be sold without the PEGI rating on it?? Or does IFCO not care as they have delegate to a voluntary code of practice/organization??

      This is kind of a messed up post, as I keep thinking of more to say but don’t know how to word it as I’m still reading up and complaining about it!

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      Ireland doesn’t have any legally enforceable form of censorship on music or video games apart from if they are declared unfit for viewing (Manhunt 2). You workplace policy dictates what you should do, but if someone complains you must sell the product as you are not bound by law to refuse. Censorship is pretty light here anyway.


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      Aphra K

      as far as I know the UK system is legally supported so people can take a case in the UK whereas PEGI is a voluntary system. IFCO, the Irish regulator works under the European PEGI system. Publishers and distributors voluntarily send stuff to IFCO to be classified.

      However many retailers probably import through the UK and probably don’t change the stamps/stickers for the Irish market. I suspect retailers are meant to work with the PEGI ratings.

      The following was on IFCO’s website under FAQ

      ‘Does IFCO classify video games?

      ‘Under the Video Recordings Act 1989 video games are exempt from classification unless they are deemed prohibitable under section 3 (1) of the Act. (which relates to vilencec, hatred etc..)

      Ireland, along with 15 other European countries, is a member of PEGI, an organisation which produces age ratings for video games. To learn more about this system the PEGI website is http://www.pegi.info’


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