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    Hi everyone.

    havent posted on here in a long time.

    here is our new site. http://www.phookaentertainment.com were just getting ready now for lyon Game connection. check it outhttp://www.phookaentertainment.com

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    Quite nice. Not a huge fan of flash sites but this seems to work.

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    Had a quick look. Felt it was a bit slow to traverse. Too much prettiness slows stuff down :(

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    really? seems to work ok on most peoples machine i know with broadband.

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    I don’t mean slow connection slow. I mean, slow as in waiting for animations to play to get to the next page.

    Edit: I’m a fan of sites that run quickly and don’t require me to wait for fancy stuff. I want to get in, find what I want and go.

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    would have to agree with Omen… some sections are very slow to load

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