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      Hi folks…

      We’ve been busy beavers over here at CanDo, working on some practical game development content.

      We’re going to be launching it in a month or so, but I thought I’d give you guys a heads up.

      We’re basically working on practical applications for courses teaching game development, or even just wanting to bolt on game modelling to an existing 3D modelling course.

      It’s aimed very much the earlys stages of the course, helping keep students interested and motivated with relatively simple design tasks.

      At the later stages of a higher level course, students will want to be working at an industry level standard, and be using something like the Torc engine and tools.

      Anyways, here’s the link for our first two applications, one of which has already been used by the Causeway Institute ( note: must get some quotes etc ) to introduce students to the practicalities of game design, without having to first of all teach them how to model in 3D etc.


      This shows our building block level editor, teaching basic concepts of game design to students of all ages.

      You can download a trila version of the 3D vehicle game editing application for free from the above link ( right at the bottom of the screen ).

      Best regards…

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