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      Hi guys,

      I’m a newcomer ! I’m currently doing the part time BTECH in Computing at DIT Bolton st. I am a novice in developing games in Torque Script.

      I’m in a bit of a pickle, I came across a good DirectX tutorial for making 3d games in C++. However, when I had the code all sorted out, I ran into a problem in the settings for MS Visual C++, the tutorial said that after I add the DirectX include file, and the .Lib files in the compiler settings (which I did) , I hafta have links to these, so go to project-settings-linker and add these 2 commands to the input separated by spaces (i forget what the commands look like). But I was using MS Visual C++ version 6, and I think the tutorial was referring to 2005. Does anyone know the way I can get around this using MS visual C++ ver. 6, Ive been fiddling with it and came accross a linker tab in seetings, I put the commands in there but I’m still getting link time error.

      Another pickle:

      After I got all the code for the same tutorial in C# on MS visual 2005, everything was going well until run time, when I got a message from windows saying it cannot run managed code in the OS main.dll, because it could cause the application to hang. I dont know what is up there, but when I pressed ctrl alt delete, I found my program was running ! but all i could see was my desktop ! Any advice ?

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      One point to note is that all versions of VC process ‘includes’ and ‘link’ paths in the order that they appear in the associated tabs.

      This means that once you have the DirectX SDK installed, you’ll need to add a path to the ‘include’ dir and another to the libs dir etc. but make sure that the paths are the highest on the search list, otherwise you could be getting conflicts with older DX versions header files.

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