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      Firstly I’d like to introduce myself, my name’s Jan and I recently graduated from the IET masters course in Trinity College. After graduating I spent 3 months working as a research assistant on a PHD project (programming character animation with C++) and am currently completing a short term internship with Swrve.

      Anyway I know the closing date is rapidly apporaching but I’m in a team from Ireland that’s looking for a second programmer from Northern Ireland to enter Dare to be Digital this year. In the IET course I studied physics, animation, computer vision, path planning, augmented reality, graphics hardware and rendering. I have programming experience in C++, C#, XNA, OpenGL, DirectX, HLSL, GLSL, OpenCV, javascript and HTML.

      Also in the team are two talented artists and a talented audio engineer. We have a few concepts in mind but are very eager to find a second programmer. Because of the rules this year we need our second programmer to be from a university in Northern Ireland. We all work very hard and would love to give this a go so if you think you may be interested please do send me an e-mail or PM asap.

      e-mail: jan.hvdk(at)gmail .com.


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