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    APB is a massively multiplayer online game based in living, breathing cities that will feel familiar to players, as they precisely replicate famous cities all over the world. APB is a turf war involving two main factions, the Squads, whose goal is to uphold the law, and the Gangs, who seek to break the law at all costs. Players will be able to choose their side, in a classic good guy versus bad guy scenario. The Gangs are all about graffiti, attitude, custom cars and earning cash any way they can. The Squads stand for honor, teamwork, firepower and destroying the Gangs. APB will provide the player with the ultimate customization options from their weapons, vehicles and clothes to their attitude, music and environment.[/quote:c042d9fff9]

    Dundee based company…


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    Ohh….I saw concept art for that game. Didn’t know what the game was at the time though.

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    It’ll never sell – city based game where you kill people, drive cars and form gangs.

    How ridiculous is that!

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    It’ll never sell – city based game where you kill people, drive cars and form gangs.[/quote:9778f5e7ac]

    You’d think Dave Jones would have learned…

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    should just call it GTA Online. wasent that meant to be the initial plan of san andreas to go online but then they scrapped it.

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    Yeah, there was rumours of Sony giving them tons of cash to get it on-line to make ps2 online something worth-while. But really, if you were Rockstar, why would you even bother mess this a proven seller with online stuff that it just doesn’t need.

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    Just noticed that this isn’t out until 2007! They’ve been working on this for years already!

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    is it not funny that their talking about it so openly and its not out until 2007? seems a bit dangerous

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    Marketing power!
    They can continuously pump out publicity about it until 2007 now gaining more and more recognition. Pressure is on to give continuous progressing feedback to the public but they’re going to have to give that to their publisher anyway. As long as it doesn’t get canned, they’ll be fine.

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