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    Anyone know where this new racing studio of sega’s is going in the midlands? They seem to be advertising alot about it on various websites.
    probably lemmington spa’s right?

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    Currently in Solihull, but might possibly be Leamington or Coventry when they expand the team.

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    Good chance its going to be Leamington area.

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    Ya its solihull alright.

    Nah just wondered a buddy of mine landed an interview with them for a grad job. Sounds like a good opportunity.

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    I know a lot of the people working there, and I would highly recommend them on an individual basis. What it is like to work there…well they seem to like it, but they haven’t gone through a full dev cycle yet.

    The office may well move to Leamington at some point when the team expands, but solihull is only a short distance anyway and it is quite a nice town.

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    I have an artist mate who really wants to go there (who doesnt :p) they only seem to only be wanting coders at the moment though?

    I heard they were moving to Leamington Spa aswell, apparently the proposed location is molto expensive.

    I am very very confused why they dont set up in manchester – its a great city, its got talented people there and no probs attracting new staff to move there..

    I need to use search engines to find Leamington spa..Why is it always these bizzare locations…jesus pick a proper city…a company like sega can afford it.

    Sorry, I have phobias of small places nowadays…


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    There are definitely some artist jobs there, but there will probably be more as they grow.

    The reason for leamington has a lot to do with the fact that most of the core staff live here, having previously worked for another major developer in the area.

    There are at least 5 other games companies in the town, and a history of development going back to the birth of the industry……


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    Meant to be a nice place with alot of experience staff. current numbers are low but that is about to change apparently by quite a number. guess its solihull because alot of the staff are ex-codemasters, which is in leamington spas and they dont want to move away immediately, also around the birmingham area.

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